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Why Choose Detours

Our Tour Guides

DETOURS tour guides are made up of an eclectic group and come from a varying array of backgrounds including teachers, archaeologists, historians and adventure guides but they all have one thing in common: a passion for travel and exploration. Each guide calls the American West home and relishes in the wonders and touring opportunities which it provides. Some of the best viewpoints or unique local experiences cannot be read about from a travel book and it is our intention to facilitate these highly personal experiences during your guided tour. Through continuous training and ever expanding knowledge, our guides go above and beyond making the most of every destination. Simply put – DETOURS guides are the best of the best. They strive to help you make memories on tour that will stay with you forever and entice you to come back for another tour of this amazing region.

Bruce Gilbert DETOURS Tour Guide

Bruce Gilbert

After decades in the travel industry touring the planet, very few places can match the stunning beauty of the Great Southwest! From the low deserts near sea level to the snow-capped mountain peaks, it’s packed with canyons, buttes, mesas and forests. A visual extravaganza indeed! What a privilege, I get to show it off to our visiting guests!
Dan Cotton DETOURS Tour Guide

Dan Cotton


With 25 years of experience as a tour guide in Jeeps, Hummers, and now comfortable 13 passenger vans, I have seen some of the best of the northern Sonoran Desert and the great state of Arizona. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and sharing some of the wonderful and amazing history of the state as we travel through those areas.

Diane DETOURS Tour Guide

Diane Kulpinski


The bug got me at an early age on family camping vacations. As a result, I’ve been to all 50 states plus 30 countries and counting. Leaving behind a 35-year photography career to work with DETOURS, I’ve forgotten to pick up my cameras and find I don’t miss them at all. What I do love is turning people on to this dramatically beautiful area of the country, weaving stories about the rich history and fascinating landscapes that we travel to and through.

John Dzurka DETOURS Tour Guide

John Dzurka


John Dzurka is an energetic and resourceful tour guide with a passion for exploring the outdoors. John has several years of experience accompanying guests on trips throughout America’s Southwest and various locations around the world. Originally from Canada, John and his wife Wendy have called Arizona home for the past 16 years.

Mark Haarer DETOURS Tour Guide

Mark Haarer

My travels over the years have taken me from cutting salmon in the Aleutian Islands to working and exploring in the Renzwori Mountains of western Uganda. But my fascination with Arizona began – and endured – while working to develop wind energy projects with the Navajo Nation. From small tribal communities to sprawling desert cities, I embraced not only the natural beauty of the state, but it’s flora, fauna, and rugged history. Being able to witness our guests’ first reactions to the awesome expanse of the Grand Canyon, for example, makes life that much better.
Mark Lane DETOURS Tour Guide

Mark Lane


My whole life I have lived for adventure. From being a kid canoeing in the bayous near my home in Alabama, to climbing pyramids in Mexico with my wife last year. I am always looking for that next path to go down. I have traveled all over the US and my passion for the past 30 years has been studying ancient civilizations and their vibrant cultures. My tours are not just about sightseeing; they are immersive experiences that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the places we visit. Join me on your next journey and discover the world through the eyes of an expert!

Mark Smudzinski DETOURS Tour Guide

Mark Smudzinski


Hailing from La Salle Peru, Illinois, my passion for exploration and storytelling was ignited. Although far from the rugged landscapes of Arizona, I found solace in the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature that surrounded us. It was after moving to Arizona that I discovered my calling as a tour guide, falling in love with the wonders, sites, views and people of the Southwest. Now, I invite others to join me on a journey that connects you with the breathtaking landscapes of Arizona, uncovering hidden treasures and making new connections along the way. ADVENTURE AWAITS!!

Nathan Cowlishaw DETOURS Guide

Nathan Arizona


Born in Utah, I’ve explored the American Southwest since childhood, transitioning into guiding and interpreting over two decades ago. Immersed in the region’s history, I’m dubbed a “Southwest Junkie” and share my passion through photography and storytelling. Raised Mormon, I owe my cultural understanding to my grandparents, who were art traders with established native artisans. My grandparents connected me with Native American communities early on. Known for collecting turquoise and dabbling in UFO folklore, I’m committed to educating others about the Southwest’s rich heritage.

Nicole Margul DETOURS Tour Guide

Nicole Margul

Nikki is an Arizona Born and Raised and got her degree from Arizona State University! Educating is my profession and traveling is my passion. Come jump on tour and let me show you around! The world is our playground….. let’s go explore it!
Shannon Haskie DETOURS Tour Guide

Shannon L. Haskie


My name is Shannon L. Haskie. I am a full-blooded member of the Dine’ Tribe (also known as the Navajo Tribe), one of the 11 originating tribes of the Grand Canyon as well as one of the 22 tribes that exist here in the state of Arizona. I have lived in Arizona for my entire life and absolutely love the landscape and beauty that it has to offer. My connection with the land, learning and indulging myself in my culture, and the adventurous nature of the life that I live both personally and professionally is what fulfills my heart. It is my passion to give others from around the world an experience they will never forget while visiting my home state of Arizona.

Tracy Guss


When I first arrived in the Phoenix valley, I would walk into the desert to watch the sunrise over the Superstition Mountains. I was captivated and enthralled. This also inspired my change of careers from teaching in the corporate world to a vocation centered on sharing the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon State. After receiving my Interpretive Guide certification, I joined DETOURS in the spring of 2018. Now I have the opportunity to share the beauty and history of Arizona with people from all over the world. It is my hope that they will be as captivated, enthralled, and inspired as I am.

Our Vehicles

Custom High-Roof Tour Vans

Our luxury vehicles have been custom fitted with 13 individual captain’s chairs to be the most comfortable and versatile in the business for long range touring. The oversized windows ensures no scenic views will be missed as you travel through the gorgeous Southwest scenery. Our high-roof tour vans allow you to walk right into the vehicle without having to crouch or bend.
DETOURS Vehicles Van
DETOURS Vehicles Navigator

Luxury SUVs

For private tours, DETOURS is proud to feature Lincoln Navigators for groups of five or less. Luxury SUVs allow you and your guests to travel the American West in style and comfort. Our private fleet is maintained with the same care as our larger vehicles with daily maintenance and consistent servicing.

Safety & Maintenance

In addition to providing all day comfort, DETOURS ensures your safety during guided tours. We take your trust seriously which is why the care of our fleet is a top priority. Our vehicles are serviced daily by a local automotive shop that is AAA “Top Shop” certified so you can rest assured that your touring vehicle will be safe and well-maintained. We also employ an in-house fleet manager to oversee the upkeep and management of our fleet. 

DETOURS Vehicles Van Interior


Why Us DETOURS - From the Founder - Jeff Slade

Jeff Slade

Since I was in high school, I’ve been taking people all over the West and it’s been my passion ever since. I love the American West, there is so much diversity and rich cultural history. Taking people off the beaten path and showing them things they’ve never seen is what DETOURS is all about. Our guides follow the same philosophy as I did when I was a tour guide: you’ll pick up a group of strangers but you’ll bring back a family.

We know these places intimately. We know the best overlooks and the best way to get around crowds. We will take you places and show you things that you normally wouldn’t see if you went on your own. Our custom vehicles and expert guides set us apart from the rest and ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

The best way to see all the Southwest has to offer is with DETOURS. We love showing off the incredible destinations this area has to offer. Let us help you enjoy your next vacation.

Our Trusted Partners

With years of experience taking guests all over the American West, we work with only the best and most trustworthy brands in the industry to ensure every aspect of your tour is top-notch.

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