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Zion National Park Tours from Las Vegas



Just a few hours drive away from Las Vegas is one of the nations beautiful National Parks: Zion. Named originally by Mormon Settlers after the word for “refuge”, those who visit the park can attest to how strongly the scenery truly embodies the name. Come and discover its beauty on our Zion National Park tours from Las Vegas.

Filled with wildlife and landscapes unique to the American West, Zion is a site that everyone should have on their travel bucket list. As guests enter the park they are greeted by some of the most stunning mesas and slot canyons giving them a taste of what to expect on this exciting tour. As guests travel down into Zion they enter Mount Carmel Tunnel, one of the great engineering feats of the 1920s, for the first time completing the loop between Zion, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. Through small windows in the walls of the tunnel, guests are able to get a cursory glimpse at the grandeur that is Zion National Park. Explore the many trails, viewpoints, and scenic sights that make up this refuge for wildlife and people on our Zion National Park Tours from Las Vegas. Between emerald colored pools, 2000 year old natural spring water, and the Virgin River beaches there is something for everyone to enjoy on this day tour for all ages!

The Zion National Park tour departs from Las Vegas at approximately 5:30am and returns at approximately 7:00pm.

Packages start at $259

Family at Zion National Park in Utah
Zion National Park Tours from Las Vegas


Welcome to Zion National Park

Departure Location:
Most hotels in Las Vegas, NV

Departure Time:
Approximately 5:30am

Return Time:
Approximately 7:00pm

DETOURS custom touring vehicles are specifically designed for small groups with comfortable, individual captain’s chairs.

Cancellation Policy:
Tours canceled within 48 hours of departure will be charged in full.

A minimum number of guests must be met for the “Zion National Park tours from Las Vegas” tour. You may be booked on stand by until the tour is confirmed.

According to Zion National Park Interpretive Services Conditions, tour groups are not permitted to split up when visiting and hiking the park. Our guide will select trails, stops and view points, and be with the whole group at all times. Angels Landing and The Narrows are not included on the public tour.

This tour can also be operated as a private tour. Contact a tour specialist for details at 855-458-7511.


Zion National Park in Utah - DETOURS

Zion National Park tours from Las Vegas Itinerary

Departs: approximately 5:30am

Returns: approximately 7:00pm

“The sanctuary” – that’s what immediately came to the minds of Mormon settlers when discovering this paradisiac place in the mid-1800’s, aptly naming it “Zion”. This truly unparalleled accumulation of steep sandstone cliffs, serene meadows, canyon narrows, weeping rocks and waterfalls now is yours to explore and happens to be only a short road trip away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. Even the drive to this refuge for flora, fauna and people alike is nothing short of spectacular on our Zion National Park tours from Las Vegas.

Crossing the Mojave desert northward we journey right through Nevada’s turbulent history – past Native lands, old mining towns and massive mountain ranges loaded with gemstones, gold and silver. Steadily gaining elevation we approach the vast Colorado Plateau. Like a sentinel of stone, the Virgin River Gorge seems to guard the entranceway to Utah’s most stunning scenery. This is the region Hollywood chose to film its most famous western movies as well as countless car commercials.

But the best is yet to come as we enter the national park through a maze of mesas and slot canyons, winding our way down to the historic Mount Carmel Tunnel, an engineering feat of the 1920’s to create the “Grand Circle” connecting Zion with Bryce and the Grand Canyon. Small windows in the tunnel wall already give us glimpses of the monumental grandeur that awaits us, but only on the other side Zion Canyon fully presents itself with all its natural beauty.

After an invigorating lunch right in the heart of this magnificent valley we are ready to follow in the footsteps of its early inhabitants and explore the many trails, viewpoints and scenic sights surrounding us. From hiking up to emerald colored pools, letting 2000 year old spring water sprinkle upon us to playing on the Virgin River beaches – Zion National Park is yours to discover!


  • National Park entrance fees
  • Snack
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited bottled water


  • Gratuity
  • Third party tours


We recommend closed-toed shoes year round. During the winter, we recommend layers, long pants, a winter coat, and hats. During spring, summer and fall, we recommend a light jacket and hats.



What should I bring?

Weather appropriate clothing, camera, sunscreen, snacks, government issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

What should I wear?

We recommend closed-toed shoes year round. During the winter, we recommend layers, long pants, a winter coat, and hats. During spring, summer and fall, we recommend a light jacket and hats.

What is my pickup time?

To give you the best experience, pick up times are at approximately 5:30am, but the specific time depends on your pick up location. We will contact you between 4-6pm the evening before the tour to confirm your exact pickup time.

How long does it take to get there?

Approximately 3 hours from the Las Vegas area.


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