Tombstone, Arizona elicits many images and historic icons, but none possess as strong a connection as the infamous Wyatt Earp. The soft-spoken with nerves of steel man who survived countless gunfights due to his extraordinary patience and resolute manner. Wyatt Earp is the best known of all the frontier lawman of the American West. In addition to being the famous lawman of Dodge City and Tombstone, he was also a buffalo hunter, a miner, card dealer, stagecoach driver, saloon owner, and much more throughout the years.

Wyatt Earp spent most of his years traveling and living in the deserts of the Southwest with his four brothers Virgil, Morgan, James and Warren, as well as his wife Josie. His lifelong passion for mining, gambling and sports led him from one boomtown to another across the span of the western frontier and into the 20th century.

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The southeast Arizona community owes a great deal to its former lawman and continues to pay tribute to him during its annual Wyatt Earp Days celebration. In addition to exploring the great historic city of Tombstone, see the “Old Wild West” come alive with a weekend honoring Tombstone’s most notable and legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

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The Annual Wyatt Earp Days celebration is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend from Saturday, May 27th through Monday, May 29th on Historic Allen Street. Enjoy the festival honoring the Wild Wild West’s famous lawman with activities featuring gunfights, public hanging, saloon girls, dancing, live music and more. Gunfights and skits in the street, chili cook-off, hangings, street entertainment, look alike contests, and a 1880’s fashion show. Grab your partners in crime and plan your weekend trip to Tombstone to honor the great Wyatt Earp!

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