February is here, and love is in the air! Well, love for National Parks and tours that is. With that being said, why not mix your love of National Parks and that special someone to make this a Valentine’s Day memory that will last a lifetime! When you have the option to think outside the box and go on a romantic overnight tour, why do anything else?

Many people celebrate Valentine’s day with surprise trips out of state or “staycations”. Here at DETOURS we highly believe that any kind of vacation is a good vacation. We also believe that vacations to our favorite national parks makes for the perfect vacation. We aren’t biased or anything, scouts honor. Zion National Park is not only one of our favorite places, but also one of the worlds most magnificent areas to experience here in the Southwest. Named “The Sanctuary” by early Mormon settlers, Zion easily earns its name. From its wondrous waterfalls, abundance of wildlife, and not to mention all of the hiking opportunities, how could you ever NOT want to visit?! Use this breathtaking National Park, only 2.5 hours away from Las Vegas, to your advantage and spend a night or two in the historic and beautiful Zion Lodge. With views of the surrounding park, and a good chance of some snow flurries, guests get to wake up in the most magical way. If you’re trying to celebrate your special someone, what better way to do it? Spend a night away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the normal crowds celebrating Valentine’s Day and come away with us on a trip you and your loved one will never forget.

Want to get away on a mini vacation from your vacation to a whole other city to celebrate your special someone? Well, do we have good news for you. If you’re in the Phoenix area and want to be like Leo DiCaprio in Inception by having a vacation within a vacation, then come hang out with us on a Sedona Overnight tour! There is something for everyone in Sedona from checking out the vortexes that call the area home, getting your fortune, seeing Native American ruins, or even just doing some shopping in Uptown. The options are endless! Another amazing thing you can find in Sedona is the amazing views of the night sky that seem to be everywhere you look. From the balcony of a restaurant, the window in your hotel room, or even from a serene and romantic nighttime walk under the desert sky. When you wake up, treat yourself to some delicious coffee from one of the local shops and maybe check out Airport Mesa for some scenic hikes and views of the surrounding red rocks. Another interesting adventure is Munds Wagon Trail, once a cattle route dating back to 1896, this beautiful trail located just east of Sedona is one for the bucket list! You can also take a trip to see The Chapel of the Holy Cross, an architectural feat of a church built into the Sedona Red Rocks, opened in 1956 and has been a destination ever since. No matter what you choose, with your loved one by your side, anything can be made into a romantic getaway to remember.

Between the bustling city life that Phoenix and Las Vegas have to offer, it’s not hard to see why you would want to make your trip even more exciting and go on a vacation within your vacation. From National Parks to the red rocks of Sedona, the American Southwest is your oyster and DETOURS is just the pearl you need to make your romantic getaway perfect! So go outside the normal dinner and a movie options and make your Valentine’s day one that she’ll be bragging to her friends about for a long time.

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