Headed to Vegas? If you want to get the most out of your trip to Sin City, be sure to venture off The Strip and explore your surroundings. The desert Southwest is one of the most incredible places on Earth and is peppered with one-of-a-kind sites you won’t want to miss. The best part?

You can visit most of them on an easy day trip from Vegas, so get ready to hit the highway and check out some of the top tourist attractions in and around Nevada!

1. Red Rock Canyon

Just a few miles beyond the bright lights of Las Vegas lies the hidden gem of Red Rock Canyon. The Nevada attraction is famous for its bright red rock formations and offers a welcome distraction from the temptations of Sin City. Spend a few hours hiking or biking through miles of marked trails or simply soak in the views from the canyon’s 13-mile scenic road. Make sure to keep an eye out for the deer, foxes, burros, and hawks that call Red Rock home!

Red Rock Canyon


 2. The Hoover Dam

This massive feat of engineering is one of the top tourist attractions in Nevada and Arizona. Make the easy drive from Vegas to the newly completed Dam Bridge, which gives you a gorgeous bird’s eye view of the dam, the Colorado River, and surrounding desert. Don’t forget to tour the interior of the Hoover Dam, where you’ll learn about its fascinating history and feast your eyes upon its incredible generators.

Hoover Dam


3. The Grand Canyon

No Nevada vacation is complete without a detour to the mighty Grand Canyon. This natural wonder of the world is the kind of place you just have to see in person to appreciate. From Vegas, you’ll pass the Hoover Dam and historic Route 66 before reaching the South Rim. Here you’ll be rewarded with postcard-perfect views of the vast canyon below. Embark on a hike or take an unforgettable helicopter ride over the deepest part of the canyon to view its unique rock formations from above.

Grand Canyon


 4. Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is as close as you can get to Mars on Earth and is probably the most underappreciated attraction in the region. Spend the day on a tour that takes you to the famous Badwater salt flats, which site 280 feet below sea level, striking mountain ranges, and abandoned settlements that stand frozen in time. Stop by Death Valley in the spring to see the desert carpeted with a rainbow of blooming wildflowers.

Death Valley National Park


5.Bryce Canyon National Park

Journey north from Las Vegas on a true Nevada adventure through the stunning Mojave Desert to reach Bryce Canyon National Park. Located across the border in Utah, the park is best known for its towering spires, called hoodoos. Wind through the photogenic park on foot or saddled up on a burro, and make sure you have your camera handy!

Bryce Canyon National Park


As you can see, there’s a lot more in this unique corner of America than meets the eye. Las Vegas is the perfect starting point for discovering a wide range of attractions in Nevada and beyond. So next time you head to Sin City, why not spend a day off The Strip and see some of these amazing sights for yourself?

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