January is all about New Years Eve and, more importantly, New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, we all set resolutions to get healthier and to go to the gym though not everyone sticks to this plan. I mean, come on, the gym isn’t for everyone. So here are our top 10 ways to get healthy without going to the gym for 2018.

  • Yoga at the Canyon
    Yoga is one of the biggest Health Trends of 2017 and is looking to carry over into 2018. Performing Yoga in nature, especially the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, creates such an amazing experience for novice or advanced classes.
  • What do you pack in your backpack?
    When going on a hike or day trip, we like to stay healthy with our snacks. Packing granola bars, trail mix, pretzels, and plenty of water really help you to enjoy the adventure rather than feeling sluggish and tired the whole way because of fatty foods.
  • Kayaking the Colorado
    Just outside of Las Vegas you can find yourself on one of the most important rivers in the American West, the Colorado. There are multiple points where you can cast off including Willow Beach, where you can experience the Colorado River at night and gaze upon one of the greatest assets the desert has to offer, the night sky all while relaxing on a one of a kind trip. The Colorado makes itself even more spectacular when you are able to kayak through the center of the Grand Canyon and really get to take in the majesty that is this wonder of the world.
  • Fishing in the Desert
    Here in desert, you wouldn’t exactly imagine fishing to be a big deal, but it is. We have plenty of locations close by that make for great day trips to relax and catch some fish. You can head down to Lake Mead, outside of Las Vegas, and the Colorado, that you can fish out of in both Las Vegas and Arizona, both give you a plethora of different types of fish to catch. Just be sure to check beforehand, as some locations do require fishing licenses.
  • Biking trails
    If you want a bit of history as well as an invigorating bike ride, take a morning trip down to the Hoover Dam and check out the Historic Railroad Trail. There you can find trails that go down the original railway that brought all the material to build the Dam almost a century ago. Along the trail keep your eye out for natural wildlife, picturesque views of Lake Mead, and historical signs along the way to tell you more about Las Vegas and Boulder City’s History. If you’re staying in or around Phoenix, you can also check out the Central Arizona Project Trail. There you get to go biking through beautiful green parks, towering cacti, and rich desert landscapes thoroughly immersing yourself in the Arizona landscape.Take a DETOUR With Your 2018 Fitness Goals
  • Take a breather, go to the Spa
    Here in Las Vegas and Phoenix it is never a difficult feat to find a spa around you and part of being healthy, is taking care of yourself mentally by relaxing. At every spa on the Las Vegas Strip and Scottsdale Resorts you can find an assortment of amazing massages, facials, and mani pedis for you to choose from in order to thoroughly enjoy your vacation.
  • Grand Canyon Snack Pack
    As we mentioned when packing your backpack, we like to stay healthy when getting ready for a day trip. Traveling to the Grand Canyons South Rim with DETOURS Nevada, we offer plenty of water, muffins, granola bars, and delicious boxed lunches with healthy wraps, fresh fruit, and trail mix to keep you going on this fun Day Trip.
  • Travel Apps for the Masses
    The saying, “there’s an app for that,” is becoming more and more true and stands to become truer in 2018. With thousands of people traveling everyday in new cities, they all have to find ways around. Between using Waze within your Spotify app or using the increasingly cool app Walc that makes navigating that much easier. With Walc it gives you easy to use walking directions using easily spotted landmarks to help you find your way around new and exciting destinations.
  • Hiking Trails
    This time of year is perfect for taking a beautiful winter hike on Mount Charleston. There you can choose from novice trails such as Sawmill Loop, intermediate trails like Robbers Roost, and even advanced trails that are for those who are particularly skilled like the Mary Jane Falls Trail. Arizona also has one of our favorite hikes at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon called Bright Angel Trail. It is a steeper hike, but it truly pays off with its spectacular views and its quiet and relaxing hike into the canyon. This would be the perfect time to pack your backpack with some of the items we mentioned and have a fun time reaching your 2018 Fitness Goals.
  • Paddle Boarding Lake Las Vegas
    If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the City, but not go too far out, you can always go to Lovely Lake Las Vegas. There they have something for everyone: shopping, delicious food, and even Paddle Boarding. Starting at $25, Lake Las Vegas offers a number of different activities such as normal paddle boarding, Neon Night Paddle Boarding, as well as Paddle Board Yoga.

So come, see what else Sin City and the Valley of the Sun have to offer and while you’re at it, scratch some of your health and fitness goals off your 2018 Resolutions list. You know you won’t be sorry.

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