Spring is coming and we can’t wait! Between the Polar Vortex of the Midwest and it actually snowing in Las Vegas and Phoenix, we could all use some time to thaw out. The 75 degrees and beautiful days of March are almost here, so why not celebrate with us on one of our exciting tours? We run public tours every day of the week to the most amazing locations Arizona and Nevada have to offer… not that we’re bragging or anything. Despite our small group tours being the best in the business, sometimes you want to avoid the hassle of being in a group. Well we got the answer for that, and it’s going on one of our exceptional private tours. What are the benefits you ask? Well, by taking a private tour with us, you can make adjustments to the itinerary, choose the time you would like to depart, and never wait in line! At DETOURS, we find that everyone has different taste when it comes to exploring, and we’re here to knock it out of the park either way you choose! And we think that’s worth celebrating, even with the cold front we’ve been battling for months.

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas this March, when the pool and beach clubs are getting into the swing of things, why not go on a tour and get away from all the parties, at least for a day! I’m sure you’re thinking right now, “DETOURS guy, that’s why I’m here in the first place”, and let me tell ya, we’re all for the spring time raves just as much as you. I would, however, venture to guess that your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend may want to take a break from the non stop action of Sin City, at least for a little bit. So why not impress them with something incredible… Death Valley! No, wait I’m serious! The name may bring ideas of extreme heat in the unforgiving desert air, but in March, it’s a totally different story. Springtime in the largest National Park, South of Alaska, is truly a sight to behold. The wildlife in the area is abundant and the desert begins to bloom with beautifully vivid colors all around. Scouts honor, it’s really cool. It would be even more exciting to do it as a private tour and maybe take a small stop in Rhyolite, a cute little ghost town just a short 20 minute drive from Death Valley. If getting to see a part of the Old West that’s off the beaten path doesn’t scream DETOURS, then I don’t know what does. You can even spend a bit more time in Death Valley exploring Artist Palate, Zabriskie Point, and even the Borax Museum. In other words, if you messed up on Valentine’s Day, here’s an opportunity for a rebuttal. We’ll take care of planning everything, you just sit back, relax, and spend some quality time with your significant other.

Maybe you’re Las Vegas’d out, and we get it. Which is why we have some exciting tours out of our Arizona location. Try switching it up in the Southwest, and take a look at tours departing from Phoenix and Scottsdale. One such awesome tour is the Apache Trail! Take a trip down Arizona’s very first designated “Historic Highway” turned scenic route, and be amazed by all the Sonoran Desert beauty. There is a reason it’s considered the most liveliest desert in the world, with wildlife aplenty and views that wow. From a sweet cruise on the Dolly Steamboat to an exciting stop at the Goldfield Ghost town you can tell DETOURS really loves our Old West history! Getting to see some of the most beautiful parts of Arizona, such as the Superstition Mountain Wilderness and Tortilla Flat, definitely makes this 8 hour tour worth it. “How else can we make this tour anymore special by making it a private tour?”, you may be wondering. Well, that part is up to you! Whether you want to spend more time at at Tortilla Flat, enjoy the harbor and walk around Canyon Lake, or want to take the long way back to civilization, the world is your oyster with a Private Apache Trail tour.

I know what you’re thinking, Las Vegas and Phoenix have nothing in common, but you would be surprised! Between our love of our Southwestern roots and our similar climates, there is more that these beautiful cities share than ways that they differ. One of our favorite things we share is our love for Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Whether you’re traveling to Phoenix or Vegas, you won’t want to miss seeing one of the world’s most photographed wonders of nature. No matter which city you’re traveling from, expect to see views of the amazing landscapes of Zion, Grand Staircase Escalante (from Las Vegas), Coconino National Forest, and Marble Canyon (from Phoenix) all from your window. On a private tour, you can dictate how much time you spend at Horseshoe bend and other little photostop’s along the way! It’s even possible to upgrade to a deluxe tour of Antelope Canyon, giving you an opportunity to be in a smaller, more intimate group. In this day and age, you can never really prove you were somewhere without snapping some selfies along the way, so get to snappin, and we’ll handle all the plannin’..

It doesn’t always matter what you do, but who you do it with. So go beyond the ordinary and plan a private tour with us. We’ll make sure you and whoever you bring get to experience things the DETOURS way, let’s have some fun!.

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