February is well known for having a mere 28 days, but that is often forgotten in lue of people across the globe celebrating Valentine’s Day mid way through the month.

With couples spending so much time trying to find time in their hectic schedules, they often overlook out of the box ideas and go towards the old fashioned dinner by candle light or an extravagant trip to a bustling city. This year, let’s dare to be different and go to the great outdoors and let the beauty of nature bring you and your loved one closer together.

If you’re traveling from the Phoenix or Las Vegas areas, one of the must see places has to be Antelope Canyon. On a day tour offered by Detours, you get to experience the spectacular views with guided tours from your Detours Guide as well as a Navajo guide to take you through the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The most iconic point on this tour is the hike up to Horseshoe Bend that provides a one of a kind photo opportunity of the expanse of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. This is perfect for couples to get a beautiful photo together to commemorate this day. From Phoenix, this tour is offered as a group, but if you want it to be more intimate for your Valentine’s Day get away you can always upgrade it to a private tour, much like how it is offered from Las Vegas. You can also make this an overnight stay and really enjoy your time at the Canyon with some romantic views of the night sky.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day some people tend to stress because they want to make it absolutely perfect for their other half, but when you can simply spend the day (or night) at one of the most beautiful places in the West Coast you have nothing to worry about!


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