The average high temperature in the Southwest in June, July and August is just over 100 degrees so escaping to a cooler climate is popular when school lets out for the summer. One of the most visited destinations is the magnificent Grand Canyon. In fact, the Grand Canyon National Park was visited by more than 5 million people in 2016. While still warm for many travelers, the Grand Canyon South Rim has an average high temperature of about 81 degrees with the floor of the Grand Canyon being much hotter in the summer months. To make the most of your summer vacation, here are our top five travel tips when exploring the Grand Canyon:


  1. Stay hydrated

Proper water consumption is key to a comfortable and enjoyable trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether you’re hiking into the Canyon or only stopping at one viewpoint be sure to sip on that H2O throughout the day. According to the National Park Service, if you are hiking into the Grand Canyon you should plan on bringing four liters of water per day. Don’t forget DETOURS provides complimentary and unlimited bottled during day tours so you won’t get dehydrated.

Grand Canyon Migratory Path/Pixabay

2. Wear sunscreen

Even on cloudy days it’s important to lather up with sunscreen in Arizona. The summertime is when ultraviolet rays are at their highest in the Grand Canyon State. Higher SPFs are readily available at drugstores in Arizona so don’t be afraid to stock up and reapply every hour. The US Department of Health & Human Services suggestsa comprehensive approach to skin protection […] which includes sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, protective clothing and shade.”

Grand Canyon, Arizona/Pixabay

3. Bring cell phone and camera chargers

Don’t get all the way to the Grand Canyon only to realize your phone or camera is dead! Be sure to bring a phone charger and/or camera charger so you can take all the selfies and family photos you want. If you are taking a DETOUR, phone chargers are provided for iPhones and Androids – and some vehicles even include free wi-fi!

Grand Canyon National Park/Pixabay

4. Plan ahead

There’s a lot to see at the Grand Canyon and many first time visitors miss out because they are too busy waiting in lines or trying to find parking. Plan ahead by mapping out the parking lots and viewpoints you want to see. You can purchase tickets and helicopter tours in advance. If you plan on hiking into the Grand Canyon, it’s a good idea to ensure you have the proper equipment and permits necessary. Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Grand Canyon, but also one of the most difficult to get permitting for. Ask a reservations specialist about planning ahead for your Grand Canyon trip: 866-438-6877

Colorado River near Havasu Falls/Pixabay
Colorado River near Havasu Falls/Pixabay

5. Stay overnight

The summer heat can wear you out so catching some zzz’s is critical to appreciating the Grand Canyon National Park, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Consider staying the night at or near the Grand Canyon. There are many lodging options at the Grand Canyon South Rim including the El Tovar Lodge. Another favorite is the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel in Williams, AZ. You can go to the DETOURS website to see our overnight and multi-day tour options. 

Grand Canyon National Park Mather Point at Sunset/NPS/M.Quinn
Grand Canyon National Park Mather Point at Sunset/NPS/M.Quinn

Do you have your own travel tips you swear by? Comment below and let us know!

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