And just like that, the first month of 2020 is over. Say goodbye to January, New Years’ congratulations, and the thought of New Year Resolutions (on second thought – we can keep that last one). It is time to say hello to February and let us tell you – love is in the air, especially in our favorite National Parks! That’s right, romance seems to take the Southwest by surprise each and every year. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to give the gift your significant deserves most – and we’re not talking about chocolate or flowers, but we’re sure they would still appreciate those, too! What we’re talking about is giving the gift of a breathtaking tour, with a dash of rich cultural history! There is so much opportunity to immerse yourself with your loved one around the living and breathing scenery that is the Southwest – all in a single day (tour). This idea is bountiful for the whole family, too. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about that special someone. It can be more about those special someones! Let us do all the work and let you focus on what’s important – spending time with those you love.

Romantic Destinations

Sedona Arizona – Rainbow
A lovely Sedona rainbow displayed in all its beauty.

If you’re having trouble deciding which tour location to pick for your Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, don’t worry – we can suggest a couple of destinations. For starters, one of the biggest and best iconic romance spots that come to our minds when you mention this month’s holiday would be Zion National Park! Encapsulate the moment with a photo in some of the most beautiful areas of the park such as Emerald Colored Pools or the Virgin River Beaches! This place is so vast that we can assure you that you won’t have any issue finding a nice spot to hunker down. If you can’t, you’ve got a DETOURS guide to help! For our Arizona desert love-lizards, a couple of places come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s Day. However, there is one that stands out among the rest. That destination is the ever so lovely Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona. Voted most romantic destination in Arizona by all of us here at DETOURS; we cannot recommend spending your Valentine’s Day in Sedona enough. Fill your Valentine’s Day itinerary with a stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross – ladies, if he hasn’t proposed yet maybe this will be a nice nudge in the right direction. Guests on tour also have an opportunity to share a romantic lunch and stroll through Uptown Sedona. For those daring and looking to impress their partners, dive even deeper into Sedona with an off-roading adventure right over those very Red Rocks with a Pink Jeep Tour to end the perfect day! Ah, love is truly in the air! If you were to spend Valentine’s Day right, allow DETOURS to take the wheel and we promise it will be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Thinking About Popping the Question?

Zion National Park Tours DETOURS - Pink Skies
Zion National Park radiating love throughout the sky!

Now we all know that any day tour can be a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for any two lovebirds; However, Valentine’s Day also manifests a perfect moment for a certain special couple – What could be more romantic than eloping away for the day to Sedona, you ask? Valentine’s Day is one of the perfect moments to propose, according to everyone who has ever proposed there! Leave the crowds and enjoy a wonderfully romantic get-away with one of our more exclusive, private tours of Sedona. Being fully customizable as well, our DETOURS staff can help coordinate and craft the perfect moment to pop the question. We know just where to find some of the most beautiful, isolated, and empty locations to help make sure that when the time comes, all of the puzzle pieces fall into place. For those who are seeking the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience, add a day or two before the big question to misdirect your significant other! Perhaps add a night afterward to spend your first night together as two engaged love birds at one of the finest hotels in some of our most surreal National Parks. The Southwest is your canvas and we are the contractors of love. When it comes to custom private tours, you let us know what you’d like to do for your dream romantic getaway and we can make it happen. Even if you are not ready to propose, a thoughtful getaway is just as nice. You don’t have to pop the question to have a romantic getaway! We just love to see the most important moment of our guest’s lives develop in one of this world’s natural wonderlands. Our guides do everything they can to hone in on you and your party, being a private tour we can focus on tailoring your experience to what you want to see, what you want to do, and how you want to experience it! So if you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience this February, you may have just found it.

DETOURS Tour Vehicles - Canyon
Your romantic chariot awaits!

Call the DETOURS office at 1-866-438-6877 to inquire about your custom private Valentine’s day tour today!

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