Jerome, once the ‘Wickedest Town in the West’ according to the New York Sun in 1903, is now a haven for artists and tourists alike. This mining town was built on the side of Cleopatra hill, rising one mile above sea level, with 50 mile panoramic views of  stunning Arizona landscapes.  However, Jerome wasn’t always such a peaceful town. Once a booming mining town, Jerome was home to over 15,000 residents, but soon dwindled down to a total of 300 residents by the mid 1900’s. Fires swept through the town, mines ran dry and people had no choice but to leave in hopes of finding a financially secure future. Leaving behind schools, restaurants, jails, and more, Jerome soon gained the ghost town reputation.

Today, tourists can visit the Gold King mine, ClubHouseHospital, Chief Surgeon’s house, Lawrence Memorial Hall, Sliding Jail, DouglasMansionState Park, and for those who dare overnight reservations can be made at the haunted Grand Hotel. For wine enthusiasts, surrounding wineries offer diverse cultivated flavors from local vintners.  The Old Jerome High School has been modified into artist’s studios where they can create and display original works.  During the 1st Saturday of each month the town hosts an Art Walk, showcasing local and regional talent. Live music, food vendors, handmade crafts make the monthly event enjoyable for all ages. Jerome is a small town with a big history.  Come explore the sites, enjoy a “Haunted Hamburger” and experience this tucked away retreat.  Detours can provide custom transportation in our luxury vehicles, along with private guided tours of the town. For more information or to book a tour please click here!

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