Fireworks, BBQ dinners, and outdoor festivities with friends and family… Summer is the best season of the year! The warm weather makes it perfect to go camping or simply take a day at the lake. July also means that summer is halfway over and soon students all across the nation will be going back to school. Why not take this time to celebrate this 4th of July with a long weekend and go visit a National Park?

Summer Trip Ideas from Las Vegas

Death Valley National Park Tours by DETOURS - Colored Landscape
Death Valley National Park

Las Vegas is known for grandiose fireworks displays that shower the strip in awe, but why stop there? With Las Vegas being centralized near many incredible National Parks, one could easily fill their summer itinerary with a guided tour! One of the most popular summer destinations recently has been Death Valley National Park, known for its world record for all-time hottest temperature ever – 2 years in a row! Talk about fun in the sun! While you’re there, one could easily take a relaxing ride to Furnace Creek and Badwater Basin. The enchanting desert scenery reminds us that even though it’s scorching hot outside, deserts can still be pretty cool. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated! If you’re looking for a tour that hasn’t broken any thermometer breaking heat records, may we pique your interest towards our Bryce Canyon day tours? Between the Hoodoos and the cooler weather, you’ll see what all the fuss is about with this amazing destination. From Sunrise to Sunset (Point), Bryce Canyon is without a doubt one of this world’s treasures. If you’re looking for something a little more self-guided, one of the worst kept secrets in town is that of Mount Charleston and the amazing hiking trails and views that come with it. Our personal favorite hike is Robber’s Roost, which takes you to an overlook that has some incredible photo ops – so don’t forget to bring your camera! If a relaxing day is more your cup of tea, take a drive down to Lake Mead and sunbathe by the lakeside. Looking for a weekend road trip? Then head down to Laughlin and take a cool dip in the Colorado River. Summertime fun is never in short supply here in Las Vegas, you just have to know where to look!

Summer Trip Ideas from Phoenix

Antelope Canyon Tours DETOURS People Walking Through.jpg
Antelope Canyon Tours

Phoenix is no stranger to the heat. Just ask our infamous basketball team, the Phoenix Suns! Pun aside, ask any local here and they will tell you the sure-fire ways to beat the heat this July…. HINT: it normally involves either water or air condition. If you want to get away from the city and the hotel pools and get a little more outdoorsy, Canyon Lake is your place! Located just North of Apache Junction, here you can camp and have a relaxing night under the stars or rent a boat for the day and enjoy some tubing or fishing. Arizona is surprisingly home to many large bodies of water, between Lake Havasu and Saguaro Lake, no matter which direction your Arizona adventure takes you, there is no short of water despite being the home to the Sonoran Desert. Another great option if you want to head out of the city is to check out Page, a small town with a lot of big perks! Between the many fingers of Lake Powell and the majestic Antelope Canyon, you will always have something to do. We recommend if you want to spend quality time at both locations, considering a private/overnight tour might just be for you! Don’t worry, we have single day tours available as well if you’re not looking for a multi-day excursion. Departing from Phoenix, Page is just a hop, skip, and a 4.5-hour drive away. Now we know that may sound intimidating, however you will be treated to one of the most sought after destinations on the planet right now. Here you can get all the selfies and instagram worthy photos you could ever want. Trust us, your friends and family will be jealous. If you opt to do an overnight tour, you can easily spend one day at the slot canyon and the next lounging on the shores of Lake Powell, soaking up some early morning rays.

Trips with DETOURS

No matter how you choose to cool down, DETOURS has your back with new and thrilling destinations for you to add to your bucket list. Be it is exploring Death Valley, climbing down into Antelope Canyon, or taking a hike over at Bryce Canyon, we are here to help plan the best July vacation you could ever dream of! Happy Independence Day, and remember to stay safe!

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