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Grand Canyon North Rim Vacations

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Welcome to Grand Canyon North Rim

Experience the Solitude

One of the Grand Canyon’s greenest, friendliest, and all-around north-iest rims! There are plenty of activities to captivate locals and tourists alike. The North Rim makes for a blooming, naturistic atmosphere than it’s sibling rims, providing much more wildlife and a forestry scenery to its visitors. Activities such as hiking, camping, landscape and wildlife sightings, a scenery full of photography opportunity, mule rides, and scenic drives will provide an extremely bountiful Grand Canyon North Rim vacation getaway!

Grand Canyon North Rim - Forest Scenery | DETOURS

The best part about the North Rim, if you ask us, is that this side of the canyon captures the essence of being undiscovered and out of sight of the crowds of tourists. Even at the peak travel and vacation season, it is no sweat to experience the kind of solitude one would hope for when visiting a location such as the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. If solitude is high up on your vacation want list, then this may just be the rim for you.


  • We drive so you can connect with friends and family
  • Stress-Free Vacation Planning!
  • Our travel experts maximize your time at the Grand Canyon
  • Pre-Planned Trips that are Ready to Book
  • With dozens of lookout points, we take you to the best photo spots
  • Day trips, multi-days and private tours available
  • Luxury transportation
  • All entry fees and taxes are included
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
North Rim
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Explore the Possibilities

Toroweap: A Closer Look

Positioned 3,000 feet above the Colorado River and is located in a remote location of the North Rim you will find the one and only Tuweep Campground! Renown for some of the most phenomenal, awe-inspiring, and voted best views of the Grand Canyon by 9/10 tourists. A trip over to Tuweep provides the opportunity for an uncrowded, unique, and a ‘diamond in the rough’ experience, if you will. This is because access is difficult to any layman Grand Canyon visitors and demands terrain knowledge and skilfully weaving through a higher difficulty level of roads. Thankfully with DETOURS, we know all the tips and tricks to get you to those.

Sightseeing at Toroweap Overlook

The overlook at Toroweap can provide those who are determined to make the trek an incredibly unique new perspective on the Grand Canyon from any other rim, including sights such as the Colorado River.

Camping out at Tuweep Campground

Pitch a tent at one of the most photogenic campgrounds you’ll ever have the experience of sleeping in. One of the greatest sights about the Grand Canyon would be its sunrises and sunsets. Now, imagine the best part of the Grand Canyon at one of the most critically acclaimed viewing points of said Grand Canyon!

Tuweep’s Hiking Trails

For those interested in hiking, two trails are available from Tuweep: The Tuckup Trail, which provides those daring enough to make the hike views of Esplanade slick-rock, and Saddle Horse Loop Trail, a loop that includes closer views of the Colorado River.

Know Before Visiting Toroweap

  • High clearance vehicles required and camping requires special permits, so we don’t recommend taking this vacation without a DETOURS guide or someone else who is familiar with the area and knows what they’re doing.
  • There is no water, gas, food, lodging, or phone service located at Toroweap Overlook. This is a remote location of the Grand Canyon however don’t let the lack of necessities stop you – it’s just information one needs to know before visiting! When coming along with DETOURS, we provide water and use our gas! Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the phone service, no matter how high we can stand on each other’s shoulders.
  • Summer brings monsoonal rain and lightning, which is generally accompanied by snow and freezing temperatures! However, if you don’t mind the cold weather, it makes for some incredible photo opportunities! One of the best locations in the Canyon, as a matter of professional opinion. If you’re planning on visiting Toroweap during your Grand Canyon North Rim vacation, ensure to bring something to keep warm. We recommend long sleeves, closed toe shoes, hot pads and coffee.

More Scenic Spots & Activities

Whether you are looking to spend the night, enjoy panoramic views from one of the highest overlooks or venture to the trails, the Grand Canyon North Rim will not disappoint.

Spend a Night at the Grand Canyon Lodge
Grand Canyon Lodge
Sitting just above the canyon rim, the Grand Canyon Lodge is the coziest and comfiest accommodation located here at the North Rim. Simply put, this is the best place to admire and appreciate the quaint serenity this side of the Grand Canyon with a variety of cabin and motel room choices for any and every guest.
Scope Out at Imperial Point
Imperial Point
Being one of the highest overlooks on this side of the canyon, this area provides a panorama unique to anywhere else on the North Rim. Guests can view a beautiful scene of the Colorado River and stunning views of the Grand Canyon itself in a blissful state of mind.
Hiking at the North Rim
Hiking at the North Rim
If you’re an avid exerciser, hiker, biker, or all of the above we have some good news for you! The North Rim of the Grand Canyon has plenty of hiking and biking opportunities to uphold your vacation to your fitness quotas. With trails such as Bright Angel Point, North Kaibab Trail, and more!

Know Before Visiting North Rim

  • Depending on your lodging preferences at the Grand Canyon Lodge, reservations can be booked as far as 1 to 3 years out!
  • With the winter season bearing cold winds and lots of snow, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is only open from mid-May to mid-October.
  • The North Rim is one of the lesser-visited rims, so guests can expect a low amount of visitors, shopping and gift shops, and limited access to its lodging.

Fun Facts

  • The North Rim of the Grand Canyon nearly pokes over the Utah State Border, but just stays within Arizona boundaries.
  • This rim is about 1,300 ft higher than the South Rim. Being so drastically different in elevation, the North Rim has an entirely different ecosystem, biome, and perspectives on the Grand Canyon itself!
  • Water seeps, in an unremitting effort, into the layers of rock formation starting at the rim of the canyon while forming an alluring attraction and vital water source.
  • Due to the rim’s elevation, the plateau is gifted with bountiful amounts of rain and snow during their monsoon and winter seasons. As the area absorbs the moisture, the water makes its way through into the earth, breaking through layer upon later that guests can visibly see through the walls of the canyon.
  • Mules have been used for their strength and stability as early as the 1920s and have been carrying visitors from around the world, such as President Theodore Roosevelt, down the precipitous canyon trails.

Grand Canyon the Way You Want

Grand Canyon North Rim Vacations & Tours

Luxury Private Tours

Whisked away in the chariot that is SUV, travel to the exact location where some of the most famously photographed areas of the Canyon are taken. See for yourself some of the immense beauty that this world has to offer. See the sights with your own eyes and take a deep breath, for you will see first hand a prime example of nature’s gift to the world in its finest degree. To be quite frank, getting to Toroweap as an individual is possible, however it is tedious. DETOURS can take care of the hassle of all the logistics of your trip – Allow yourself to focus on what’s really important, your Grand Canyon North Rim vacation!

Multi-Day Tours

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is best known for its incredible outdoor, camping atmosphere. Toroweap is best known for it’s camping excursions and lovely sights. It’s difficult to jam pack a single day itinerary with all the possibilities, locations to explore, and sights to see! For those looking for the ultimate experience, a multi-day tour is the way to go! Spending not one, but two or more days up at the North Rim is the only way to see it all. Not only do you allow yourself the luxury of time, but you also give yourself the option to add multiple locations onto your tour! Interested in any of the other rims? You just tell us where you want to go, and we’ll build your dream itinerary!

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