With this world of technology, everything is customizable. From your shoes to your car and even your house, these are all items that can be fully customized to the way YOU want. So, why settle for an average tour when you can make it completely your own and do vacation the way it’s meant to be done. With our Custom Tour options, this is one instance where quoting a 90’s boy band is acceptable. All you must do is tell us, “I want it that way,” and we will work our magic.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Special Event

Finding unique ways to celebrate special events, learn about new cultures, and experience the American Southwest is what we here at DETOURS love to do. Whether you want to add on to one of our day tours or pick and make your own from the ground up, the sky’s the limit and we have just the tools to help make your next vacation memorable.

When traveling to the Southwest, your first thought doesn’t always go to “Hey, I want to celebrate my special occasions there!” People always mistake the desert landscape as being not only barren of life, but of fun. Well, we got a surprise for you! The Southwest is full to the brim with amazing cultures and unique landscapes that are sure to make your event a fan favorite. DETOURS American West is a company that deals in bucket list adventures. Nothing is too weird or off the beaten path for us. Let’s say you’ve always been fascinated by Native American culture and their individually unique societies. Well with DETOURS, we can create a full cultural experience for you from start to finish that revolves around any particular tribe, from the Hopi to the Anasazi with everything in between! Whether you want to see tribal dances and festivals or you want to explore ruins and let you inner Indiana Jones come out to play, we can create it. Or maybe you want to do something extreme like skydiving at the Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado River, or even hiking the amazing scenery of The Wave. Here at DETOURS our one of a kind team of Southwest experts believe in the saying, “You dream it and we’ll build it.” With over 150 years of combined guiding experience, we can make your dreams of seeing these amazing cultures and landscapes a reality and turn it up to 11.

Family Reunions to Bachelorette / Bachelor Parties

Private Day Tour of Sedona from Phoenix by DETOURS
Maybe you’re looking for something with a little less adventure and a lot more relaxation, well we can do that too! With family reunions being a big thing during the summer months, give us a call and we can help you plan a one of a kind family reunion at one of the many National Parks nearby. Imagine being the envy of all your coworkers and friends just by saying you had your family reunion in Sedona surrounded by its beautiful red rocks. I mean, we would be envious of you too, but at least we can say we helped you plan it! Or perhaps it’s your bachelorette / bachelor parties that you are looking to plan and you want to do something different. Why not take an overnight trip from Las Vegas to Zion and stay a night at the Zion Lodge, refreshed by nature? We can even help you hike to the perfect spot to get your ideal photos. If you have something worth celebrating, DETOURS will help you take it to the next level.

During the summer, the days are longer and the nights are shorter, so why not make the most of it? Give our office a call and let’s see what we can dream up together!

Please call DETOURS at 1-866-438-6877 for more information.

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