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Welcome to Sedona, Arizona

Arizona's Red Rock Country

Sedona, often referred to as Red Rock Country, features an impressive display of red sandstone formations. These rocky structures appear to radiate orange and red when the rising or setting sun shines down onto them. Planning a perfect Sedona Vacation is a science, and we have nearly perfected the craft! For a city of just over 10,000 in population and a dense amount of activities, sights, and moments to soak up, DETOURS can help with building any itinerary suited to match your needs.

Sedona Vacations by DETOURS - Red Rock Country

Sedona Vacations Made Easy

Sedona, Arizona is one of today’s top tourism and vacation destinations! Why is that, you may ask? Surrounded by stunning red rock mountains and buttes, Sedona has one of the most beautiful settings in the Southwest! With only a one and a half-hour drive away from Phoenix, it makes this city a viable, luxurious destination with a little something for just about anyone visiting the Greater Phoenix area.


7:15 am5:15 pm MST
Feels like: 41°F
Wind: 10mph S
Humidity: 70%
Pressure: 29.85"Hg
UV index: 0

Explore the Possibilities

Scenic Spots & Activities

Need to escape from your everyday routine and get back to nature? A vacation in Sedona is the perfect place to do just that! Enjoy hiking through the lush Coconino forest, explore the natural vortices, take in 360° panoramic views on a Jeep tour and more. Award winning restaurants, resorts and art galleries are the perfect way to relax and unwind in the peaceful town of Sedona.

Hiking Trails

Many visitors to Sedona come seeking out their many gorgeous hiking trails. It doesn’t matter if you are taking your first steps onto a hiking trail or if you are an experienced outdoorist seeking out a challenging thrill, Sedona provides hiking trails for all skill levels. Please remember, even the easiest hiking trail can be hazardous if not tread carefully – so please do your research before heading out. Ensure that you are fit for the task by checking out the mobility requirements and trail length. Prepare yourself with enough water and adequate hiking equipment before you set foot ahead too!

Devil’s Bridge Trail

One of Sedona’s largest natural sandstone arches located in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge provides a surreal experience for anyone looking to get out in the sun during their Sedona vacation.

Soldier Pass Trail

Featuring two trailheads that you can use to get to the heat of this trail, providing a diverse experience beginning in an urban setting that leads into Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. Guests may find a perfect place to meditate in solitude.

Boynton Canyon Trail

If you’re visiting Sedona to see the Red Rocks, then this hike may just be for you. As one of the most scenic trails with outstanding scenery – there is no question why this box canyon has made Red Rock Country so renowned.

City of Sedona

When you’re done exploring Red Rock Country, the City of Sedona will be waiting to welcome you back. Award-winning restaurants, resorts, and art galleries are the perfect way to relax and unwind in the peaceful town of Sedona. Sit back, relax, and reward yourself, you deserve it – you’ll be on vacation!

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village - Entrance

Uptown Sedona

Sedona’s Uptown is dense, vast, and has just about every stop any tourist would be looking for. Regardless of what activities you keep yourself busy within Sedona, you’re going to work up an appetite. If you’re interested in what the stars have to say about your future or what secrets lie within your palms, there are plenty of psychic palm readers and supernatural fortune tellers at your disposal. More of an art critic? There are plenty of art galleries and museums of a wide variety to tickle any art fanatic’s fancy. All in all, Sedona’s city living has a little something for everybody taking a break from their outdoor adventure.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

One of Sedona’s most iconic landmarks is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Inspired and commissioned by local rancher and sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude. Constructed in 1956, the chapel sits perched upon a red rock cliff, watching over the city. What makes this chapel stand out is the beautiful art found throughout the inside of the chapel that symbolizes many themes found throughout biblical history. Featuring heavenly views, a quiet chapel room, and even a Bible shop down below.

Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross Close Up | DETOURS Sedona Vacations
Sedona Vacations by DETOURS | Pink Jeep Tours - Broken Arrow Option

Sedona Pink Jeep Tours

Get up close and personal with the Red Rock Ranges on an off-roading excursion! Experience Sedona off the road and climb to outstanding views into the backcountry of Sedona. Pink Jeep provides the easiest, safest, and most exciting way to get there – and in style, too! Traverse giant red-rock spires, complete 360° panoramic views and deliver yourself directly to some of Sedona’s world-renowned vortex sites. With a wide selection of different Pink Jeep tours, there is a little something for everybody. If you ask us, this is one of the best ways to experience Red Rock Country – up close and personal!

And While you’re in the area…

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Technically this stop is not in the actual city of Sedona, but we like to include it on every itinerary we build! Montezuma Castle National Monument is a Native American cliff dwelling ruin. Preserved upwards of 90 feet high in a quite literal hole-in-the-wall located in Camp Verde. Just a short distance south of Sedona, and one of many hidden gems of history found within Northern Arizona. If you’re coming all the way to Sedona, it would be a shame for you to miss this natural and cultural treasure.

Montezuma Castle National Monument Near Sedona

Know Before Visiting Sedona

Before planning your Sedona Vacation, it’s good to know some of the basics to prepare yourself productively. We’ve broken Sedona’s information down by each season:

  • During the springtime, nature lovers will be happy to know that Sedona is in full bloom. To complement the red rocks that sparkle yellow, purple, and orange the temperatures range anywhere from the mid-60s to the low 80s. Somebody say perfect hiking weather?
  • The summertime heat certainly keeps more of the traffic at bay, reaching an average of the high 90s – so stay hydrated! Residents of the greater Phoenix area trek up to Sedona to escape that 100-120 summer heat.
  • Fall is a popular time of year for taking your vacation to Sedona. September to October generally finds itself with the most comfortable weather, ranging between the high 70s and 80s.
  • Finally, we have the Sedona winter seasons; typically, the Red Rock Country’s slowest season. Temperatures here will average the mid-50s with the possibility of snow! We know what you’re thinking, ‘Snow? In Arizona?’. Yep, you read that right. During these months, most tourists head south for more pleasant weather leaving Sedona wide open for a perfect low-populated vacation destination.
  • When it comes down to it there is simply no bad time to visit Sedona!

Fun Facts

  • The first documented human presence in the Sedona area dates to between 11,500 and 9,000 B.C.
  • Sedona was named after Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly, wife of the city’s first postmaster. Her mother claimed to have made the name up because “it sounded pretty”.
  • The city began to develop as a tourist destination in the 1950s. However, most of the development seen today was constructed in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • The highest point in Sedona is Coffee Pot Rock at 5,600 feet above sea level.
  • A film titled Sedona was released in 2012. It was the first feature film to be shot entirely in Sedona since the 1970s when the heyday of Hollywood filmmaking in the area ended.
  • The canyon walls of Sedona show nine layers of stone from different geological periods that span over hundreds of millions of years.
  • Sedona played host to many more Hollywood productions. Stretching as far back as 1923, Sedona’s red rocks were a fixture in major Hollywood productions, including films such as The Karate Kid, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Johnny Guitar, 3:10 to Yuma, Dead Man, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Experience Sedona the Way You Want

Sedona Vacations & Tours

Day Tours

For those who only have a single day to experience Sedona, our day tours still pack quite a punch. Join us as we take you and your group up North to experience the staple and must-see locations scattered about the Red Rock Valley. Pink Jeep tours are still available during our day to day tours, so no need to worry about missing out! Our day tour itinerary includes a stop at Chapel of the Holy Cross, Airport Mesa, a stop by Montezuma’s Castle, and more! DETOUR runs our Sedona day tours just about every single day – as long as we meet our minimum guest count required to run the tour.

Multi Day Tours

Interested in Sedona with the option of more sightseeing? DETOURS offers multi-day tours which include some of the Southwest’s ultimate destination options spanning over multiple days of travel. Let us recommend an overnight stay at one of the finest Sedona hotels to finalize your vacation with the utmost luxury, with additional destinations included before or after your time in Sedona. We always recommend the Grand Canyon as an addition to our Sedona itinerary builders. Those two tours go together like a Sonoran Desert peanut butter and Northern Arizona jelly!

Luxury Private Tours

A single day to Sedona may not be enough to satisfy those who want to take in everything that the beautiful Red Rock Country has to offer. For those looking for the ultimate Sedona itinerary, DETOURS can offer a fully customized, private tour. Including all of the activities that pique your interest! From trekking out to your choice of hiking trails, enjoying the uptown scenery, to experiencing those Red Rock Ranges with Pink Jeep – not to mention witnessing the cool and colorful Sedona sunset and sunrise – this is an option for you!

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Other Nearby Destinations

If you haven’t checked the Grand Canyon off your bucket list, then it’s hard to imagine traveling to Sedona and not visiting the Grand Canyon as well since it’s so close. Luckily, DETOURS has been taking visitors to this Natural Wonder of the World for over 18 years! We can help you plan the ultimate Grand Canyon South Rim vacation! Now, if you’ve already visited this spectacular place and are looking for something nearby but truly unique, we can’t say enough about the Verde Canyon and the historic ghost town of Jerome, Arizona.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Verde Canyon & Jerome