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Welcome to Grand Canyon West Rim

Enjoy Native American Culture With Jaw-Dropping Views!

DETOURS has had the pleasure of bringing people from all around the world to experience the awe-inspiring site that is the Grand Canyon! Everyone says you should visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life. We say you should visit each rim of the Grand Canyon! For those planning to visit the West Rim, located in Peach Springs, Arizona, look no further! Of course, there is some critical information to know before heading out the door and straight to the canyon, especially when deciding which Grand Canyon vacation is for you. 

Grand Canyon West Rim Vacations - Guano Point
Being open every single day of the year – including holidays – it’s easy for one to get up and out to the West Rim for their vacation from Las Vegas. DETOURS is equipped to deliver, traverse, and inform you on all there is to know about this beautiful and unique side of the Grand Canyon.


Peach Springs
6:30 am6:15 pm MST
Feels like: 46°F
Wind: 4mph ESE
Humidity: 61%
Pressure: 30.04"Hg
UV index: 1

Explore the Possibilities

Scenic Spots & Activities

Welcome to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon! With so much to explore, you will soon find out why this Rim of the Canyon is so treasured. Of course, we have the world-renowned skywalk, where anyone can get a unique birds-eye view directly down into the canyon. The West Rim is also unique, as it belongs exclusively to the Hualapai Tribe. Guests will be delighted to know there is plenty of Native American culture to be shared and experienced while visiting! Last but not least, the West Rim provides some unique and awe-inspiring perspectives of the Grand Canyon you won’t find at the North or South Rim.

Know Before Visiting North Rim

Ensure to check out the forecast of your desired dates before finalizing your vacation! The West Rim’s weather is very similar to the weather in Las Vegas. The weather during the Summertime lows reach the 90s while the highs reach over 100°. Winter season weather generally ranges between high 30s and 40s. Staying hydrated is always important to remember during your Grand Canyon West Rim vacation. Being separated from the Grand Canyon National Park and belonging to the Native Hualapai Tribe, the West Rim operates a little differently and is teaming with Native American culture. We know this goes without saying, but please be respectful when visiting.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike the South Rim, the West Rim isn’t a part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim belongs exclusively to the Hualapai Tribe!
  • The Skywalk is an engineering feat of strength – costing about $31 million! Designed to hold 100 pounds per square foot and is anchored 46 feet deep in the canyon’s rock wall. The glass bridge is also designed to withhold an 8.0 earthquake and 100 mile-per-hour windstorms.
  • The Skywalk commissioned by the Hualapai Indian tribe themselves, was unveiled on March 20, 2007. The skywalk opened to the general public 8 days later, on March 28, 2007.
  • The Guano Mines are often referred to as the Bat Cave mines, due to an abundance of bats! The mines contain quite a lot of Guano too, of course! Guests can get an outside look at the once bustling operation.

Grand Canyon the Way You Want

Grand Canyon West Rim Vacations & Tours

Luxury Private Tours

For those looking to make their West Rim vacation truly stand out, we recommend taking a fully customized, private tour with us!  Our expert travel planners meticulously craft your itinerary from the ground up, prioritizing whatever it is that you would like to see and experience. Of course, it wouldn’t be luxury without travelling in one of the custom DETOURS vehicles. Designed for comfort, while also ensuring you don’t miss an inch of that beautiful Southwestern scenery. Take your Grand Canyon West Rim vacation to the next level, with DETOURS!

Day Tours

Looking to explore the Grand Canyon, but only have a day to explore? DETOURS offers Grand Canyon West Rim Day Tours directly out of Las Vegas, Nevada! During the approximate four hours on the Hualapai Indian Nation, guests will be able to enjoy the natural environment, participate in some hiking, or even experience the world-famous Skywalk for an additional charge. Hiking trails include a short walk to Eagle Point and Guano Point overlooks. Explore the West Rim today!

Other Nearby Destinations

At DETOURS, we specialize in creating the ultimate Southwest vacations for every type of traveler. Whether you have one day, a few days or even weeks, we can customize your dream vacation. The Southwest has so much to offer and even more destinations are closer than you think!

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