Truly one of the most breathtaking wonders of the American Wild West is the countryside of Sedona, Arizona. With Sedona’s vast red rock mountains and deep Native American roots, Sedona appeals to everyone from the avid adventurer in a Jeep to the introverted sole-searcher interested in solace and spirituality. For any hiker, adventurer, or American Wild West culture fanatic, a day trip to Sedona is an absolute must. Grab your camera and a sufficient supply of water, and when you land in Sedona for your vacation, here is what you can expect.

Tour of the Tuzigoot National Monument or Montezuma Castle National Monument  Tuzigot National Monument

Both of these national monuments exhibit the beautiful and well-preserved dwellings of people from the ancient Sinagua Tribe. The people of this tribe existed between the years of 1250 and 1425 AD. Any American history buff will appreciate these remnants of pre-Columbian culture. Take time to enjoy the dwellings, authentic petroglyphs, and pithouses on this part of your Sedona day trip.

Plan Your Sedona Photography Tour Around the Red Rock Landscape

Another part of your tour in Sedona, Arizona will include close up views and exploration of various Sedona red rock landscapes and architecture. If mountains impress you, these sandstone landmarks are sure to make your jaw drop. Make sure to bring your camera for this part of the Sedona day tour, because the red rock scenery presents some of the most gorgeous photo ops in the western United States. Whether you are an enthusiastic Instagrammer, expert shutterbug, or a professional photographer, the red rock of Sedona, Arizona will blow you away. Here are just some photo ops you won’t want to miss.

  • Bell Rock – Bell Rock, which sits just to the North of Hwy 179, is probably Sedona’s most famous red rock. If you’re looking to buy a postcard from Sedona, one featuring this stunning rock is an excellent choice.

Bell Rock

  • Airport Mesa – Airport Mesa is another wonderful Sedona, Arizona red rock attraction. One great thing about this location is you can get out and spend the day hiking. Remember to pack a lot of water while hiking in this location. While it’s gorgeous, it’s also scorching hot in summer.

Airport Mesa

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross – The Chapel of the Holy Cross combines elements of the natural, architectural genius, and spirituality to form one of America’s most beautiful Roman Catholic churches. If you are Catholic, it’s a great place to stop and worship. If not, they don’t mind the likes of respectful tourists visiting.

Chapel of the Holy Cross While these are three of the stops you will visit on your Sedona, Arizona tour, rest assured you will see many other beautiful natural wonders along the way.

Add a Jeep Tour to your Sedona Vacation

It’s hard to visit Sedona without getting in a Jeep. If you are an individual with a sense of adventure, make sure to take the extra time to explore the Sedona landscape in a Jeep. You will be able to explore more of the Sedona backcountry and experience a much more thrilling side of Sedona. For more information on Sedona day trips, please contact us at Detours Arizona today. We would be happy to help you book your trip. Photo Credits: jb10okie, Mr.TinDCFloyd StewartMimi Cummins,

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