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Our travel experts share incredible stories, great travel tips and fun trip ideas in the DETOURS American West Blog. With decades of guiding experience, our touring professionals provide the best recommendations when planning your vacation. Whether you are looking to explore the Grand Canyon, visit some of the best National Parks in the Southwest, or embark on one of kind Native America Tours, DETOURS offers the expertise and years of experience in making the most memorable trips of a lifetime! With day tours, overnights and week long adventures plus the ability to customize a private tour with us, we offer unique adventures for all types of travelers.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest information about touring the best destinations of the American West. Plus, we love to share fun recipes and special events happening in the places we visit! Come explore with us today!

White Pocket Tours

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the terrain on Mars, this is the destination for you! With landscapes unlike anything you’ve ever seen, some describe White Pocket as “other wordly”.
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Essentials to Pack for Your Las Vegas Vacation

When going on vacation, there are always two types of people: those who pack a little at a time the days prior and those who pack just hours before their flight.
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